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ADRoadtrip To Stay In Drake Hotel Style

Posted: July 27th, 2009 | Author: jason | Filed under: Advertiser | Tags: , , , | No Comments »

There are rare occasions in typical American family life, where style, grace and history merge into one complete experience.

Well, we are fortunate to crown our fast approaching visit to San Francisco with two nights in the famous Sir Francis Drake Hotel (

Set in the historic Union Square, and boasting four star accomodations, we are sure to have a comfortable and convenient stay in the Bay area.

A full review will follow our arrival and check in.

A complete, update and review are soon to follow…

Amerx Has Road Trip Solutions

Posted: July 1st, 2009 | Author: jason | Filed under: Advertiser | Tags: , , , | No Comments »

Amerx Office Solutions, based in Austin, TX has office equipment for every possible output need. They sell and support everything from single unit HP printers all the way to full fleet managed services. Although they operate in Austin, they support small, large, non-profit and government organizations in Texas and throughout the rest of the country.

I was especially excited to learn about all the great financing and utility based pricing options they offer, so if you want to pay by the print they will do that too. If you are looking to upgrade your printer, copiers, scanners or faxes or if you are just looking for a new service provided that can handle everything from toner to onsite service, Amerx Office Solutions has something for you.

Now is a great time to re-think your output budgets, and Amerx can help you every step of the way. They really know their business, and they make quick business of getting to know yours.

BikeandRoll With Us In San Francisco

Posted: June 23rd, 2009 | Author: jason | Filed under: Advertiser | Tags: , , | No Comments »


BikeandRoll is tightening their spokes with ADRoadtrip, and we couldn’t be more excited. I typically travel anywhere I can with my mountain bike, even if I can only squeeze in one solid ride day, the travel challenges are typically worth it. Simply put, I like to ride.

BikeandRoll locations include San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, New York City and Washington DC. Since our road trip schedule includes San Francisco as a destination, we will be riding with BikeandRoll. They make all the arrangements to ensure you have a great ride too, with tons of fun rental options way beyond single rider bikes. They have something for everyone in the family of age 1 and above to participate.

Touring, mountain, road, kids and tandem bikes are available with trailers or tagalongs to get everyone involved - no one needs to be left behind. They have tours or self guided riding options, and they map the way of several rides and scenic routes - the only thing they don’t do for you is ride the bike, which wouldn’t be fun at all anyway.

So, if you are in the SF area, be on the lookout for ride rental specials and giveaways for you, friends and families to cruise town in style and fun. More dates and deals to follow soon.

Austin’s Lucky Ones (Some of Them Anyway)

Posted: June 20th, 2009 | Author: jason | Filed under: Advertiser, Giveaway | Tags: , , | No Comments »

We drew a bit of a crowd last night, had the chance to chat with a bunch of Austin locals… most of which had lots of questions about the road trip, destination and of course, who were represented by all the ads. It was a fun time.

We had one of the twitter contest winners make it out, @carriemroberts, who won a pair of iFrogz EarPollution NervePipes by tweeting at us the most friends (and she found a new friend out there too - “Zack Attack”):


We also gave out some solid love via iFrogz EarPollution Plugz sound isolating earphones to few others that were out on the town hoping to find a good time:


iRagz “The Ultimate Cleaning Cloth” was bit hit too. Lots of folks will have cleaner, happier gadgets from now on.


If you see this post, and want to win stuff, then be sure to track us down when we announce the next give away, which is chalked up for Salt Lake City. The best part, is that everyone will have the chance to win, and everyone will leave with a coupon code or two to get more great stuff for less.

Until next time…

Splash News Online Makes ADRoadtrip Waves

Posted: June 18th, 2009 | Author: jason | Filed under: Advertiser | Tags: , | No Comments »

Splash News Online

You heard it here first, Splash News Online is going to cruise with ADRoadtrip this Summer. There are many choices for celebrity news, but no one delivers more reliable celebrity news more often than Splash.

My wife is a bit of a celebrity news mag buff anyway, so this will be a great way for her to keep up with all the fun and exciting celebrity goodness while we are away from our snail mail. Who knows, maybe our visit to Hollywood will make a splash of its own!

We’ll be posting more Splash News Online buzz, but in the meantime, go grab the latest on your favorite celebs from the best source around at Splash News Online!