1. The minimum purchase is $165 (one AD Block), but you can buy as many AD Blocks as desired until all are sold.
  2. No obscene/offensive/adult ad/image or link will be accepted, and I reserve the right to approve or deny all content for adroadtrip.com and vehicle. If you submit an image or link that is rejected, you will have the change to deliver an alternative. A refund will be provided otherwise with no additional performance from adroadtrip.com.
  3. Once your AD Block and link are accepted, you cannot change the content of the linked site to show offensive/obscene/adult material. If this occurs your link will be removed until a link with appropriate content is replaced. No refunds are permitted in conjunction with misuse of our service.
  4. To 'buy' an AD Block does not mean you will 'own' any part of the vehicle or adroadtrip.com web site, but you are permitted to submit an ad/image and link which will then be printed for use in the vehicle wrap and posted on the web site in accordance with your paid AD Block purchase.
  5. If the AD Block you purchase is publicized from the adroadtrip.com web site with an outbound link to your web site, you are not entitled to a refund (unless adroadtrip.com fails to include your AD Block in the vehicle wrap.
  6. Ads/images must be submitted for the size of the AD Block(s) purchased and in a format suitable for high quality output as vector graphics (for best results). If you are unable to provide a vector based graphic design for your AD Block, I can provide one to include your business name and url. You must sumbit your ad/image within 5 business days of purchase or by June 27, 2009, which ever represents the shortest timeframe.
  7. You cannot change the ad/image or link once submitted. The only exception would require significant justification for a change to the ad/image or link.
  8. Adroadtrip.com will be maintained for a minimum of 7 years from the date of return from the initial road trip Summer of 2009 (approximately August 26, 2009, but maybe longer if appropriate).
  9. All AD Blocks must be paid in full prior to being include in the vehicle wrap or posted on adroadtrip.com.